Quick Contemplation 3

What colour is a London bus?


In the beginning, God created… Genesis 1:1

The fool has said in his heart ‘there is no God’ Psalm 14:1


What colour is a London bus? It’s one of those questions with an obvious answer isn’t it? It’s very much like another question that often gets asked by our children.


Who made everything?


To some people the answer to that is not at all obvious. In fact, one group of people have such a problem with it that they paid to have advertisements put onto the side of London busses that said “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”.


Actually I find it rather difficult to accept that the world around us came from nothing. To believe that everything around us just happened, and then somehow became astonishingly complex, organised and even beautiful, all from absolutely nothing happening, is quite puzzling. It just doesn’t make sense.


God thinks so too. He told to us that He made everything. He was there, He should know.  He also says that to not believe that He exists is very foolish indeed.


The answers to some questions are quite straightforward.


London buses are red, and,


God created everything.


Graham Kissack