Quick Contemplation 4

Man Follows GPS and drives into a Lake

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm 119: 105

Have you heard the one about the Polish guy who drives into a lake and claims that his global positioning system device (GPS) led him there?

Actually it isn’t a joke, it really happened.

“The man took a road that was closed a year before and the area was flooded to make an artificial lake. He ignored three road signs warning of a dead-end,” said Piotr Smolen, police spokesman in Glubczyce, southern Poland.

“It was still night time and he didn’t notice the road led into the lake. His GPS told him to drive straight ahead and he did,” The road ran straight downhill into the lake. The Mercedes mini-van was nearly entirely submerged. The driver and his two passengers were rescued from the roof of the car.

That’s like life isn’t it? There are so many different voices giving us advice and telling us how to live our lives, what we can do, and how to do it. And then, in all the changing circumstances of life, we wonder why we so often end up in ‘deep water’. Worldly guidance just doesn’t seem to be all that reliable.


There is a way of avoiding all of this. It is by following the teaching of the Bible. Firstly, we need to read it to know what it says, and then we need to obey it by doing what it says.


This way of life has been good enough for millions of Christians for two thousand years. It is good enough for us too.


Graham Kissack