• Graham Kissack


    Graham is married to Ann and has two grown up children.  Graham and Ann have been with us since 2010 after moving to Accrington from Cape Town, South Africa.  Graham is the Pastor of the church and along with Ann is also involved in our International Toddler Group.    

  • Mick Mellors


    Mick is married to Sarah and they have three grown up children.  He is an elder in the church where he has been a member for over 30 years. He works as an independent consultant and as an advisor to the NHS.

  • Frank Whitford


    Frank is a retired Driving Instructor and Driving Improvement Trainer and has two grown up daughters. Frank is one of our Deacons. He is a leader for the Tuesday morning Friendship Group.

  • Philip Higson


    Phil is married to Angela and they have 3 grown up daughters.  Phil works in a variety of roles including engineering inspections.  Phil is one of our deacons at Peel Street and is also involved in the children’s work.

  • Peter Canty


    Peter is married and has three grown up daughters. Peter is one of our deacons and manages the maintenance of the church building, which has been completely refurbished over the last twenty-five years. Peter is also responsible for advising the church in the area of Health and Safety and other matters. Peter’s day job involved […]

  • Ian Durber


    Ian is married to Norrie and has two grown up sons. Ian is one of the church’s deacons and fulfils the role of Church Secretary. Ian is employed by the Office of National Statistics to carry out surveys and also works as a volunteer each week for Caring for Life, which is a Christian charity.

  • Angela Higson

    Toddler Group Leader

    Angela is married to Phil and they have three grown up daughters. Angela is a leader at our Parent and Toddlers Group, which runs each Wednesday morning and also our Welcome Club, which runs every Thursday morning. Angela spends her time caring for her family and elderly parent.

  • Ann Kissack

    Youth Leader

    Ann is married to our pastor, Graham. They have two grown up children. Ann is a leader on the Welcome Club team and she is also a youth leader involved in Thursday Zone Plus and Galaxy – the teenage group on Sunday mornings. Ann also works part time in a local Accrington business.

  • Brian Eccles

    Youth leader

    Music is an important part of our Sunday worship. Brian leads the music group and plays bass guitar. Since moving to Accrington over 17 years ago, Brian has been involved in our youth work. He currently helps lead  Thursday Zone Plus. He’s also assistant leader at Compass Camps which provides a week of bible study […]

  • Norrie Durber


    Norrie is our treasurer.  She is married to Ian and they have two grown up sons.  Norrie works in the NHS.