Warning – Alligators

Warning: Alligators! Don’t swim here.


I read this on the internet recently;

“A Florida teen whose arm was ripped from his body by an 11-foot alligator is blaming the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for not properly controlling the alligator population.

“It’s a problem that needs to be dealt with,” victim Kasey Edwards said. “The alligators — the population needs to be brought down.”

Edwards said he knew the canal was infested with alligators before taking a 2 a.m. swim at Nubbin Slough, a canal near Lake Okeechobee on Sunday.”

I think most of us would think that for Kasey Edwards to swim in alligator infested water was not the wisest thing to do. And then to blame others for the alligators being there is pretty illogical.

That’s like people who ignore God’s warnings, (Take the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20: 1 – 17 or Romans 1:18 – 32 for just two examples), and then they want to blame God for the trouble that is caused by their sin.  Let’s understand that in life, just like Nubbin Slough, there are some waters that it’s just really not very wise to swim in. Remember it only takes one alligator!

Graham Kissack