We often call the building a church but a church is really the people who meet together to worship God. A church is a group of people who have come to trust in Jesus and have a personal friendship with him.

The Church at Peel Street began in 1836 when a group of ordinary local people began to meet together to hear the word of God preached in a plain way, with no ‘harmful additives’ and nothing ‘left out’.

The building on Peel Street, then called ‘Ebenezer Strict and Particular Baptist Church, was opened fourteen years later. Over the last twenty years the inside of the building has been refurbished to enable the church to use the building for a wide range of activities and meetings, as well as being fully accessible.

Peel Street Baptist Church building

Peel Street is called a ‘Baptist Church’ because we believe in following the teaching in the New Testament about baptism. When a person has turned away from their sin (repented) and turned to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and received new life they are baptised by full immersion in water, which is a picture of what has happened in their life; they have died to sin (it’s been buried) and a new life (resurrection) has begun, together with Christ Jesus.

You may or not be a ‘churchgoer’; many people aren’t and are put off – we hope that you are not put off from finding out the important things God has spoken in the Bible. We aim to help everyone we meet to understand the plain message of the Bible, which is centred around the Good News about Jesus.