Developing Bible Teachers

It is the responsibility of church leaders to empower and encourage individuals in their skills and talents as we seek to serve the Lord together, as he builds his church.

One area that we as leaders are constantly seeking to develop, is the encouraging and training of effective teachers and preachers of the Bible. We believe that a deep understanding of the Bible, combined with effective communication, can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

With this in mind, Peel Street, in collaboration Bethel Evangelical Church (Bolton) and other local church leaders, have created the “Developing Bible Teachers” program. Starting January 2024, it is our aim to equip people with the tools and knowledge needed to effectively share the message of the Bible with others.

The course will run for 10 months, one Saturday each month (10am-4:30pm). The sessions provided will cover both the theory and practice of teaching the bible, in various contexts, as well as drawing on the practical experience of Pastors and Bible teachers who have years of experience.

If you believe this course is for you, we’d love to have you join the course. Use the sign-up form at the bottom of the page. Below are some questions we’ve been asked already. Thank you.


Start Date

13th January 2024


Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm


Bethel Evangelical Church,
Clarence Street, Bolton, BL1 2DQ


Alex – 07915 235975
Gordon – 07561 421 710

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leading the course?

The regular teaching will be provided by pastors from selected churches across the NorthWest, along with guests with considerable ministry experience. Between them, they will bring their knowledge, experience and insight about teaching the bible across different cultures and scenarios.

Are women invited on the course?

Yes. While the churches involved in this project hold that women ‘should not teach or exercise authority over a man’ (1 Timothy 2:12) in the church, we are all of the belief that women should have every opportunity to study God’s word, and to teach it to the best of their ability. There is a large scope and need within the church for women to teach other women, one-to-one, in groups and for women to teach children and we are just as keen to help equip those who have been so gifted and called.

How long does the course last?

The course will run for ten months, one Saturday each month. Doors open at 9:30am, with a start for 10am. There will be six 45 minute sessions each day, with each day closing at 4:30pm.

What are the future dates for the course?

The first session will be held at Bethel Church on 13th January 2024.
Following the first session, the other dates will be: 17th Feb, 20th April, 25th May, 22nd June, 20th July, 24th Aug, 21st Sept, 19th Oct, 23rd Nov. All dates will be 9:30am – 4:30pm and are subject to change.

Is this a theological course?

The primary purpose of the course is to develop both the understanding of the bible, and to help people put their understanding into practice to help and teach others. 

Will I learn to preach?

Yes. The purpose of the course is to develop bible teachers. This means to teach the bible in all different settings, including the pulpit ministry.

Will I get the opportunity to preach?

After three months of theory, we will put all students into small groups, where they will begin to put what they have learned into practice, gaining support and feedback from their peers and group leader. Over the months, we will look to increase the time given to practicing Bible teaching, and cover different preaching styles and contexts.

I want to study but I’m nervous about preaching. Do I have to preach?

No, you don’t, you can sit out, but nerves is very common, and the best way to overcome it is by speaking in a small, safe group, such as the preaching groups we use. We will be looking to give feedback to individuals that do have a go, with the emphasis on encouraging and building one another up. Most leaders started with some degree of nerves, and some of us still have them!

Can I miss any sessions?

The course is voluntary, but missing any sessions will mean gaps in your learning. However, there will be an opportunity to catch up with what has been taught. We may record some sessions, but there should be handouts for all sessions.

Will there be any study outside of the course?

To solidify what is being taught, there will be optional homework, but we recognise not everyone can fit that into busy schedules.

From month three, every student will need to prepare a talk, once a month.

Is there anything else covered on the course apart from preaching?

This is a one year course on developing Bible teachers. There is a possibility of extending the course into a second year, where other aspects of ministry may be covered. This is only being considered at this stage. We are also keen to develop a local community of aspiring bible teachers who can encourage one another and give each other opportunities for further practice after the conclusion of this course.

In regards to bible teaching, in addition to learning to teach the bible, the course will cover many other related aspects, such as bible study preparation, the art of oration and other helpful topics.

Will coming on this course qualify me to be an elder or a deacon?

No. The qualifications of an elder or deacon are set out in scripture (1 Tim 3:17, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4)  That would be a matter for your Pastor to take up with you. This course is purely about developing your skills to understand and teach the Bible.

What qualifications do I need to come on the course?

No qualifications are needed to attend the course, but approval from your pastor will be requested.

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?

The course is not accredited, but a certificate of attendance will be provided to all who attend over 80% of the course.

What type of study will this be?

There will be different styles of learning throughout the course. Some will be theory and lecture based with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to encourage one another in groups. Some will be joint learning and at other times there will be practical application of what is being taught.

How much does the course cost?

There is no cost for the course. However, there is a level of commitment expected if you attend, including  homework, and preparing for preaching.

Do I need to buy anything for the course?

No. All material will be provided. There will be a selection of books for students to borrow should they wish to do any extra-curricular reading around the subject of bible teaching and preaching.

Is lunch provided?

Hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the day, but you will need to bring a packed lunch. Alternatively, the town centre is a 5 minute walk, with plenty of opportunities to eat there.

Whether you aspire to become a preacher, a Bible teacher, or simply want to understand  God’s Word better, this course is here to help you achieve your goals.

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