Journey to the East

We have run exhibitions for local schools for the last several years and we are pleased to be able to offer an exhibition for Summer 2015.

The theme of our exhibition this year is ‘Journey to the East’ which plots the history of how Hudson Taylor was involved in taking the message of Christianity to China.

The exhibition will be multi-faceted and will therefore be easily adapted for the curriculum of a variety of schools and different year groups. When making your school’s/class’s booking, please provide details of the school year/s and curriculum and the teaching materials will be tailored as much as possible to make your visit useful and worthwhile.

The exhibition is an opportunity for pupils to look at Christianity in a cross-cultural setting, as the exhibition will include exhibits/information about the China that Hudson Taylor visited and the China of today – this will be provided along with a potted history of China and an overview of the development of Christianity in China.

The exhibition will be open to schools from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June 2015. Schools can make bookings to visit the exhibition by contacting Philip Higson:

Mob: 07966 027926 – Tel: 01254 388355 – Email: