Now, here’s a thing – I realise that we haven’t had a film review for some time and unusually for me it’s a contemporary film that we are going to look at. ‘Skin’ is a 2019 film set mostly in Indiana, America in the early 2000’s. It is not an easy watch and is a […]

Past Imperfect

Now, here’s a thing….. I have a book that I like to look at every now and then – ‘Past Imperfect – History according to the movies’.  It takes various movies purporting to be based upon real historical events and looks at how accurate they are.  Some are more accurate than you might think, some […]

It’s a Wonderful Life

Now, here’s a thing – well two actually.  By the time you read this it will be December and less than a month to Christmas. Also, we have not had a film review for some time.  So, of course, it’s time to review ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ (1946) as I promised I would some time […]


Now, here’s a thing, do you know what Wittertainment is? And if you do, are you an LTL or an STL and have you ever been an FTE? Would you know what to say to Jason Isaacs if you met him (but not Jeremy Irons?) Lastly, do you love the show, Steve? Well, enough, I […]

Down the rabbit hole

Now, here’s a thing…  If you follow an idea ‘down a rabbit-hole’ it can be surprising what you find out (You’ll never guess where this is going to end up!) Anyway, it starts  with ‘I never really liked Mary Poppins, the original film’. Not even when I was 9 and saw it at the cinema. […]

How Green Was My Valley (1941)

Now, here’s a thing. I was convinced that I must have already  written one of these pieces about a John Ford film – Ford, the great lyrical poet of American cinema (if you will forgive me being a bit fanciful)!  I could make a top ten all-time favourites list out of John Ford films. Great […]

Rocky Dies Yellow

Now, here’s a thing – “Whaddya hear, whaddya say?”. A greeting used between the main characters of ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’, yet another black and white Warner Brothers’ film that often makes it into makes my top ten favourites. It starts with two teenage boys stealing fountain pens out of a railway boxcar. Accosted, they […]

“The stuff dreams are made of”

Now, here’s a thing – A while ago I wrote about the film Casablanca and particularly the ‘Letters of Transit’ around which the plot revolves. I mentioned it was probably my second-favourite film of all time, behind The Maltese Falcon, which I said I would also write about at some point. (NB, there are spoilers […]

Letters of Transit

Now, here’s a thing.  I have a number of things stuck on the noticeboard above my desk. Pride of place (obviously) goes to my grandson’s drawing of the ‘Ultimate Ninja Course’, but I am also very pleased with the facsimile ‘letters of transit’ next to it.  For those who don’t know, the letters of transit […]