Respect and Tolerance

Now here’s a thing  – This article completely ignores Christmas, because whilst we can enjoy and celebrate Christmas, it is no reason for us to stop thinking! So, what should we tolerate and what should we not tolerate? What should we respect and what should we not respect? And should we respect everything we tolerate […]

Identity Politics

Now, here’s a thing. We live in an age of ‘identity politics’. What is that you might ask? Well Wikipedia defines it as: “A term that describes a political approach wherein people of a particular religion, race, social background, class or other identifying factor form exclusive ….alliances, moving away from broad-based, coalitional politics to support […]


Now, here’s a thing – Philosophy can be quite a tricky thing to get hold of. Occasionally during the course of these articles I have tried to look at some aspects of philosophy and to see how they influence modern-day thinking and life, and what that means for us as Christians. Having touched upon Existentialism […]


Now, here’s a thing.   Many Christians disdain Philosophy arguing that all the philosophy we need is in the scriptures, and we don’t need to worry about Aristotle, Renee Descartes, Bertrand Russell, Jena-Paul Sartre and the rest of that lot! Well, yes and no. Scripture is certainly sufficient and does provide us with all the answers […]