That’s All Folks

Now, here’s a thing…I’ve been doing these articles for just over 12 months or so, and this is number 52, I think. But,  as lockdown begins to wind down (and there may be one or two more hiccoughs on the way!) it is maybe time to stop for a while. What I have tried to […]


Now, here’s a thing. What do you know about the Japanese art of Kintsugi? Nothing?  Well, that’s what I knew before I recently read an article about it (actually a review of two books)[1]. Kintsugi is the art of repairing pottery and binding the parts together with lacquer and covering the joins with powdered gold […]

An old reactionary

Now, here’s a thing I’ve begun to worry about.  As I get older I am worried that I am in danger of turning into an old reactionary, which I think would be a terrible thing. Just to be clear,  a reactionary is someone who not only opposes change but very much wants to see a […]

The Thagomizer

Now, here’s a thing…  what is it that makes you laugh the most? Or rather, what sort of thing makes you laugh? One of the things that I share in common with my 10-year old grandson is that we both love the Far Side cartoons of Gary Larson. Sadly, Mr Larson retired a few years […]


Now seems an appropriate time to be thinking about the parting of ways.  There are many examples in the scriptures and especially on the Old Testament where people decided to part company. Abraham and his nephew Lot, for example, decided to separate when there began to be quarrelling between their respective herdsmen.  Lot moved to […]

Past Imperfect

Now, here’s a thing….. I have a book that I like to look at every now and then – ‘Past Imperfect – History according to the movies’.  It takes various movies purporting to be based upon real historical events and looks at how accurate they are.  Some are more accurate than you might think, some […]


Now, here’s a thing.   Having somewhat over-extended myself trying to set out a Christian perspective on disasters these last few weeks, I was determined to return to something lighter and less disturbing for a week or two. So, what to write about? Well, the dog ate my Toblerone yesterday, but that didn’t really feel like […]

Disasters (Part 4)

Now, here’s a thing.   I’ve been thinking about my series on disasters and how we should react to them.  My main thought is that next week we can get back to less serious and important topics and all have a bit of a rest!  But, I did say I would  conclude with how we as […]

Disasters (part 3)

Now, here’s a thing – We have been looking at disasters and our response to them.  Last week, we took a look at the broader issue of how Christians view and respond generally to disasters.  This week we’re going to look at some of the explanations people give as to why God lets disasters happen.  Again, […]

Disasters (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about disaster and how we should respond to them I concluded it with the following: “So, as we seek to recover as a church from the pandemic what lessons can we learn from scripture? Well, I seem to have digressed too much and we have run out of space. We’ll come back […]