• Angela

    I was born in Ripon and have an older brother and sister. My parents took us to church and Sunday School. My parents were Christians and they became involved in a Christian camp which was held each year for children. As children, we went to these camps and when I was 7, I decided to […]

  • Philip

    I began to follow Jesus when I was in my last year at Primary School and have been trusting and following Jesus ever since. What do I mean, following Jesus?  I mean that I realised that life without God was pointless and meaningless.  I also realised that there were things in my life that God […]

  • Frank

    My name is Frank Whitford, I am more than seventy  years old and by God’s Grace, reasonably fit and healthy. I attended the Sunday School at Peel St from being an infant in 1936 to a boy in 1949. Then at the age of thirteen I turned my back on the church and on God, […]

  • Norrie

    Hello, my name is Norrie.  I am 54 years old and in July 2009 I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in my eye.  Following radiotherapy treatment for this cancer in August, I was found in October 2009 to have a second type of cancer and I had radiotherapy for this in January 2010.  At the […]